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  1. Ellen L November 3, 2017 at 11:24 am - Reply

    My father grew up in Blissville. He attended P.S. 80 ( now a hotel) from 1935 to 1942. He lived across the street from what is now the Jackie Wallace VFwW Jackie was a Blissville boy who died in World War 11.

    My great aunt Louise Vogelsang was a major player in Blissville politics. She and her brother ( my grandfather) owned a few of the buildings that still exist in Blissvilel. There was a rather large scandal involving Louise Vogelsand and her abuse of a foster child she had taken in in the early 1930’s

    My great Aunt Jessie Labanowski was raised in Blissville, attended P.S. 80 and went on to become a doctor. She was an ob/gyn who delivered many of the children born in Blissville in the 1930s. Priscilla Labanowski, Jessie’s sister went on to Fordham Law School and then became the general counsel to Corning Glass My father’s uncle owned a deli located on the corner of Starr and 35th Street . That building is now a check cashing place.
    My father told me Blissville had a poultry market where his mother would buy fresh chickens whiich she would butcher in the backyard of their home.
    The neighborhood once had a pharmacy, a bakery, shoemaker and other small businesses. It was a fairly rural town.
    My grandfather, Leo Labanowski was a police officer in Blissville.

    I lived in Sunnyside for many years before moving to NJ. During my time in Sunnyside I met a lot of people who grew up in Blissville who have passed on.Blissville has a unique story to tell. St. Raphael’s church was where troops were stationed during WW2. They stayed in the basement of the church. They were placed there to protect the local oil tanks.

    – Ellen L.

    • larry labanowski December 9, 2017 at 12:02 pm - Reply

      Jesse labanowski was my grandfather’s sister. I am surprised I dont know you. my Uncle Leo (Oswiecimski) and I once went to her house when I was little and he worked to fix a clock she had. I know this is the same Jesse because she was an OB and delivered my dad.

      • ellen labanowski December 24, 2017 at 3:40 pm - Reply

        Who was your grandfather? My grandfather was Leo Labanowski. He was the brother of Louise Labanowski VOgelsang and Jessie Labanowski. You must be my cousin?? Where did you grow up? Ellen Labanowski

  2. Christine B November 6, 2017 at 11:21 am - Reply

    Laurel Hill

    I grew up in Woodside, on 48 St bordered by the new Calvary and the LIE. I grew up in the same 2 family house my mother(youngest of 10) had moved to in 1928. As a little girl my mom and her friend brought food to the “hobos” that had a camp by the freight trains near the Newtown Creek. One of the men gave her a “gift” of a knife. When my grandpa found out, she got into big trouble.

    The Newtown Creek was a feature of my childhood(50’s&60’s) as well. Very often, depending on wind direction, we could smell the creek at low tide. Also, there was a glue factory near the creek and on hot, humid days the smell was awful. It always made me feel bad for the horses that were the source for the glue. Christine B

  3. Patricia Boyd November 7, 2017 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    I am a lifelong friend of previous commenter, Christine B. My grandfather John Crimmins (1897-1983) was a Blissville boy and we have a picture of him as a cadet at St. Raphael’s. He courted and married my grandmother, who was from Williamsburg/Greenpoint, and eventually they bought a new house on 48 Street across from Christine B. My mother and her uncles were friends as kids.

    My mother always told us about the presence of gypsies; however the ones she knew lived at the end of 48 Street when it was a dead end. The gypsy family name was Stanley. She would have loved to see those pictures in the trailer.

    For some reason, my grandfather lived near Queens Boulevard and they called it Blissville. Don’t get that completely.

    Mom loved the whole Blissville/Laurel Hill neighborhood and was not happy when it got torn apart by highways. When we were young we used to have a nice ball field in Laurel Hill (Sandy Field) and two little parks around 47th and 46th Street. Now the kids have virtually nowhere to go. Only one park in the neighborhood really: 43 Street and Greenpoint Avenue. I went to kindergarten in Laurel Hill. Now Laurel Hill is pretty industrial. It could always change once a real estate developer sees how close it and Blissville are to Manhattan!

    I hope I can see the whole movie some day. I live out of state but visit often.

    • Patricia Boyd November 7, 2017 at 5:29 pm - Reply

      I forgot to say that my grandfather also went to the public school that is now a hotel, which previous commenters refer to as PS 80. Didn’t know that! The school I went to for kindergarten was called PS 76.

  4. (big bobby) Czartoryski November 13, 2017 at 11:58 am - Reply

    Raised in Blissville

    My sisters and I were raised in Blissville at 31-26 Greenpoint Avenue. I have aFacebook Page entitled, Blissville, Long Island City, Queens NY.
    In 2006 we held a reunion with the people from the 1930’s to present It was held at the former Bradley Inn on the corner of Bradley and Greenpoint Avenue.
    There are a number of photos of Blissville on the site.
    Thank you for bringing Blissville memories back to life.

    Ob (big bobby) Czartoryski

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