Just a stone’s throw away from Blissville lies Sunnyside, a New York City neighborhood with an equally pleasant name. Sunnyside was the first place where I lived when I moved to New York. I was instantly enamored with the quaint beauty and quiet, local feel of Sunnyside. I decided to create a video of the neighborhood in an effort to explore every block of it. I chose a triptych video layout because I think displaying three different scenes together simulates what it’s like to walk around an urban neighborhood: there’s often a lot going on–too much to take in all at once–and you tend to notice things that you weren’t previously aware of as you pass through again and again.

“Sunnyside is an island. It’s surrounded by commercial, railroad, graveyard, highway.” -Joe Cavallo, Sunnyside resident since 1960

Background & more information on the project: http://youcancallmedan.com/projects/sunnyside

Best regards,
Dan Toth