These are pictures of Corona Queens and Flushing Meadows developments by Robert Moses for the World’s Fair of 1939. The massive building project affected Blissville in that highways were built and communities were displaced.

Thanks to Christine Benson of the NYC Parks Department for the photos.

Corona Park

1936 - Flushing Bay

1936 - Flushing Meadows Dock

1936 - Playground - Corona Avenue

1936 - Flushing Meadows Light Tower

1936 - Flushing Meadows Corona

1936 - 111th Street Corona

1937 - Northern Blvd over Flushing River

1938 - World's Fair Site

1938 - Grand Central Parkway

World's Fair Poster

1938 - World's Fair Highways

Trylon Perisphere Postcard

Homes of Tomorrow