Blissville: A Memoir by Rebecca Cooney

Blissville: A memoir by Rebecca Cooney, Installment 1 of a 12 part series Manhattan is a backdrop to my small neighborhood of Queens, officially named Blissville. It’s an isolated corner of the borough, bounded by an industrial creek, a cemetery big enough to cover three neighborhoods, and an expressway that stretches all the way out [...]

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Radio Free Blissville Short

  Short narrative about a pirate radio cult. The story concerns a pirate radio cult that operates in post-future Brooklyn from the back of a customized electric car. Since the short was created some very odd, friendly, and eerie coincidences have transpired which I wanted to collect in one article.  

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Forgotten NY – Blissville and Laurel Hill Article from 2005

In the Shadow of the Empire - Blissville and Laurel Hill I SERIOUSLY doubt that half of any New York City guidebooks even mention the two areas in southwest Queens we’ll visit today, ensconced on either side of Calvary Cemetery just east of Greenpoint, north of Ridgewood and in the middle of exactly nowhere. Surprises, however, [...]

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World’s Fair Grounds and Flushing Meadows Development

These are pictures of Corona Queens and Flushing Meadows developments by Robert Moses for the World's Fair of 1939. The massive building project affected Blissville in that highways were built and communities were displaced. Thanks to Christine Benson of the NYC Parks Department for the photos. [layerslider id="5"]

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BoweryBoyHistory – The Ghost with the Red Hair: Two Hauntings in Long Island City

From Sandra West, East Jewett.   Long Island City is really a confederation of small villages and hamlets along the northwestern shore of Long Island. The name began essentially as a re-branding of Hunter’s Point then grew to eventually include Astoria, Ravenswood, Sunnyside, Blissville and other communities after the development of the Long Island Railroad improved [...]

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Civility in a Hyperpartisan Era

Civility in a Hyperpartisan Era WNYC Radio: Andrew Reiner, who teaches in the Honors College and English department at Towson University and leads a seminar called "Mister Rogers 101: Why Civility and Community Still Matter,” discusses why civility and community are vital in the current political climate.

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