Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation

By BARI WEISSAUG. 30, 2017 I haven’t watched MTV’s annual Video Music Awards since Bill Clinton was president. I was wearing a plastic choker and Alanis Morissette won for “Ironic.” But I wish I had tuned in this Sunday night. The award show was a veritable orgy — not of sex, but of cultural appropriation. First [...]

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Potsdam – Meet Bessie and Jessie Pickens in an original Musical Revue “C’MON IN”

Pickens Hall is alive with its General Store and Opera House. Sopranos Samantha Stinson and Elaine Kuracina team up to do a    " fun"raiser for Pickens 'Hall. This is a unique musical  that tells about the granddaughters of John Pickens.  Bessie and Jessie sang in  vaudeville when young.  Bessie became an internationally known opera singer. [...]

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Maria Lisella, Queens Poet Laureate

Since You Asked I am from dank wine cellars in South Jamaica…from cousins named Johnny, Joey, Nicky and Frankie who harvested Queens grapes. I am from a line of women sporting artichoke haircuts and pink collars. I am also from a Carmine Street tenement that lost its address in the last century. I am from [...]

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Nyack – Post from the Seed Exchange

  The first time I came to Nyack, I helped myself to some seeds. Years before we ever thought about leaving the city, I visited Nyack for an art show at the Edward Hopper House. A close friend had some sculpture hanging in the garden, I believe from rubberbands. It was his rubberband period. We [...]

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