Some Bowery Archives

Here are a few incredible local history archive projects about the very complex multi-layered Bowery in New York City. A great overview from curbed: Over a century ago, in 1913, when former President Teddy Roosevelt penned his essay comparing the Bowery to hell, there were probably few New Yorkers of his social set who [...]

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Queens Neighborhood Names

Queens has been a county since 1683 (just as the USA originally had 13 states, the state of New York has 12 original counties: Albany, Cornwall, Dukes, Dutchess, Kings (ultimately Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Orange, Richmond, Suffolk, Ulster and Westchester). Nassau County? In 1898, when four counties voted to become part of New York City, [...]

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Sunnyside Stories Website

If you go to, you'll see my three articles, including the historic one. I learned about Blissville for the first time when researching Sunnyside, and realize that it developed earlier, because it was situated on Newtown Creek. It is a website dedicated to those who grew up there in the 40's and 50's. Some [...]

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Reflections on Holmesburg, PA

Thank you for last night's presentation about Blissville. The more I reflected on it, the more I thought of similarities to my old neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia, known as Holmesburg. Holmesburg has a rich history, including the King's Highway, the longest continued use road in the US.  Thought you might be interested. My family lived [...]

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Ovid – Red Jacket Memorial

The Red Jacket birthplace marker in Canoga NY. Submitted by Dave & Mary Alice Patrickson. Red Jacket became famous as an orator, speaking for the rights of his people. After the war, he played a prominent role in negotiations with the new United States federal government. In 1792 he led a delegation of 50 Native [...]

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Maria Lisella, Poet Laureate of Queens

Since You Asked I am from dank wine cellars in South Jamaica…from cousins named Johnny, Joey, Nicky and Frankie who harvested Queens grapes. I am from a line of women sporting artichoke haircuts and pink collars. I am also from a Carmine Street tenement that lost its address in the last century. I am from [...]

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Nyack – Post from the Seed Exchange

  The first time I came to Nyack, I helped myself to some seeds. Years before we ever thought about leaving the city, I visited Nyack for an art show at the Edward Hopper House. A close friend had some sculpture hanging in the garden, I believe from rubberbands. It was his rubberband period. We [...]

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